Sinochem Unlocked! 

Sinochem's 2019 Distributor's Meeting was held on March 5 - 7, 2019 at Twin Lakes Tagaytay. It was a 3-day fun-filled event full of surprises for our distributors nationwide.

Distributors from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao unlocked the mysteries together through our speakers and performers. 

On the first night, the event was opened by the new Country Director who thanked the presence of our valued distributors and wished for more fruitful years of business partnership as he takes the role in leading Sinochem's mission and vision to Philippine agri industry. Our distributors were serenaded throughout the night first by the Sax Serenade Marc Vincent Dimayuga. Karl Matrix took the stage with a complex digital magic performance. And last but not the least, participants were serenaded and charmed by the certified Youtube sensation, Michael Pangilinan.

Business Meeting on its second day was a jam-packed activity which was started by Sinochem's Deputy General Manager for Asia Business, Mr. Ramil Bonifacio, who shared the different meanings of Unlocked and how each meanings have a value not just in our business partnership but with our individuality as well. This has been followed by the segue moves of Nextgrounds Malaysia 2018 International Dance Competition Grand Champion, Freestyler Laguna before the next speaker, Jayson Lo who shared in a very entertaining way on how to be YOUnique and unleashed the uniqueness of each pariticipants in his 40-minute speaking engagement. 

And that is only the first part of the day. As we moved into the afternoon session, distributors were divided into 10 teams and together they unlocked the mysteries, codes and triumphantly won all the challenges the Sino World offered. This is one of the event's highlights as this is the first time this happened in our annual meetings. Laughters, cheers and enjoyment filled the atmosphere not to mention the bonus game they need to play in order to end the challenge, BINGO.

In the evening, dashing ballgowns, suits and masks filled the hotel as our dear distributors prepared for the Masquerade Ball themed Awards Night. This is the night to recognize all our customer's efforts in supporting Sinochem Philippines for the year 2018. Of course, we also awarded People's Choice Award and Stars of the Night. The event had been highlighted with performances of Darren Espanto, Baguio Metamorphosis and Kristel de Catalina. Not to mention the annual unity dance performed by the Sinochem employees to show gratitude to our dear clients. This has been Sinochem's trademark of Distributor's Meeting to showcase company's teamwork embodied in a very fun way. Our distributors also had a chance to win prizes if they will be able to unlock the codes which were given by the speakers during the conference.

2019 Distributors Meeting was definitely a success because of our valued distributors' participation and partnership not just for 2018 but for the whole existence of Sinochem Philippines. May we all continue to work together to uplift the lives of Filipino farmers and unlock the possibilities of tomorrow together. 

For the short video of the event, click here.